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Well alright! The seminars are going really well and am looking forward to doing more whenever possible.

I try and offer an indepth insight and unify a wide range of audio concepts presented in a clear and understandable manner. I discuss many aspects that are commonly ignored or overlooked and offer many useful real-world practical methods to improve the quality of your craft.

The sessions involves small groups, usually 12 to 35 people, engage for about 3 to 4 hours and are divided into two presentations plus questions and answers.

 Waveforms to Rock show

Live Audio Subwoofer Arrays


More to come, it really all depends on interest. Also if you have a space and would like to host seminars, let us know as well. Cool cool, lets get some audio nerdery on! I look forward to hearing from and meeting you!

- Dave Rat

Seminar Comments




Here are some responses from a seminar I did for a large entertainment company

What did you most enjoy about Dave Rat’s seminar?

“Slideshow, the difference in polarity”
“The caliber of the speaker (first class mixer)”
“the interactability”
“His experience shared that he shared with us”
“laid back approach but valuable information”
“Changed the way I think about sound.”
“Real life examples”
“Everything! Great instructor”
“The Presenter (Dave Rat)”
“Information was more application & tried +true methods rather than text book explanations”
“Great info”
“DAVE RAT was great”
“Professional Presentation”
“The application or simplicity to audio engineering”
“Dave is phenomenal”
“Real-world examples from an industry leader.”
“The high profile speaker”
“Talking about the effects and coverage of sub arrangement.”
“Everything. The philosophy and perspective that is different from what we do sometimes.”
“Actual situations / Troubleshooting scenarios – efficiency tips-“
“The tips and technics”
“The presenter Dave Rat.  Very good at teaching his craft”
“What I learned…?”
“It was laid back”
“The immediate take away knowledge I can use on shows.”

How do you hope to use the information you have learned, in your career?

“I will definitely use key notes towards my work”
“I can definitely use this on my day to day mix techniques”
“Lots of practice tips to try out.”
“Every day, in my work mixing + designing systems”
“Can’t wait to try new ideas.”
“Hone my skills & pass knowledge to others.”
“Mixing tips and /or System design”
“I can only use these techniques where I design the system.
“Assist with system design & operation. Cool tricks to maximize my mix quality and head room”
“All of my career”
“This material will improve me as an engineer / Freelance”
“Every gig”
“Continue to put the audience + the overall experience first. As time permits, I will attempt to explore techniques learned + discussed.”
“It will help me see a venue from a bigger picture and be able to make better technical decisions.”
“I will try to apply techniques to how I mix to better enhance audience experience and keep stage volume down.”
“Making slight changes in how I mix”
“Try new things to improve my skills and outcomes”
“On my mixes, installs, & tuning.”

Any other thoughts that you have regarding the seminar?

“ it’s great to enhance our knowledge”
“ A great program, would be great to have a set schedule so people can plan. Hotel & a good venue. Would like as much hands on training as possible.”
“It works well.”
“This was well worth my time on a day off.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed the class, however I feel that some ideas lacked fluid transition or some points were quickly gone through making it difficult to keep notes. But it is indicative of a lot of good information being presented.”
“Dave Rat is brilliant. He is humble and a great tool for those who can use his tools.”
“Great experience J”
“Was very informative”
“I would love more hands on experimental learning of sound and its problems and anomalies.”
“First class- all good”
“I really appreciated the overall quality , speaker, content, organization. It was well it. Thank You.”


I found the section on polarity and how he uses it to manipulate stage volume very useful.  To think that polarity has a role in in-ears was a step I don't know that I would have ever taken on my own. I honestly can't say that there was any part of the seminar that I didn't find useful.

- Jamie Anawaty

I've been a fan of Dave's video tutorials online but to experience it live takes it to another level for me - well worth the time and money. Dave's approach to audio is very unique and if he could add practical demonstrations when possible. I would definitely be interested in attending future seminars.  For me coming from the House of Worship market, I have been asked to come into quite a few churches and work with band and sound techs alike.  There is a lot of mis-trust, anxiety and alienation among church people when it comes to band vs. the sound guy.  If Dave got into this, I assure you that he would have a bid draw just on this topic alone.

-Danny Slaughter

His whole take on volume mixing was very eye opening. Although we all don't get to mix the Red Hot Chili Peppers, it was still an awesome thing to hear. There are ideas I would like to try, such as his way of sound checking. Everything Dave said was explained in great detail, and any clarification or question could be brought up without feeling like a moron.

- Chris Flippo, Memphis

Dave’s concept of mixing in space is great. It is really quite challenging to create a mix that presents a spread image and also translates to the seats that effectively get mono coverage. he endfire + arc array config looks like it would be quite useful at a few festivals I do. The orgasmatron array concept is fairly straightforward and cool. I’d only ever seen some photos of it which, on first glance, just looks like a pile of boxes in a twisted heap. It was cool to see it actually is a valid option on the list of compromises we make for coverage. It was great to get out of the office for a day and get some fresh and perspective on things. Thanks for taking the time, on a show day.

- Hayden J. Nebus

Will definitely implement the sub arrays when the opportunity arises

- James Burke

Would like to definitely thank you for taking the time and effort to put on the seminar today, you gave a lot of food for thought, insightful tips and confirmed many of my pre existing thoughts/ ideas. Dave did very good presenting topics in a usefully, understandable way. The polarity switch will probably become my new best friend. Definitely will slowly put his soundcheck techniques into mine and will take all things considered into vocal mic selection.

- Paul Volzone march 31st, Orlando seminar

The seminar was awesome and I would definitely attend another one. Thanks for facilitating it!

- Logan Haag, Orlando

I really liked Dave's thorough explanation of his subs setups with the MAPP prediction images. It really gave me a clear understanding of how to go about handling sub placement and what really matters. Loved it! Loved all of it, but that was the most useful. I felt like everything was covered.

Dave's delivery was so engaging that I lost all track of time. By any measure he's a very effective speaker and educator. Each topic was timely, and he presented the material in a way that everyone could understand. I will implement Dave's suggestions on stage setup and sub placement. I'm confident they will improve my work. I have found Dave's advice from his blogs/articles have helped me out already as well,

Thank you! I would love to attend other seminars sometime again. Dave has a lot of in-depth knowledge and passion for what he does. The presentation drew the audience in and held our attention there was never a dull moment. I was glad Dave reserved a few minutes to answer questions with answers that were very insightful. Also, It was a pleasure to hear his humorous stories. The seminar triggered new ideas that will benefit my work for years to come and it helped ignite more enthusiasm for my profession. Again, Thank you Kim & Dave!

- Carlos Esteves, Orlando

Thanks for letting me attend the Dave Rat seminar. I found it very interesting. As a professional I'm a follower of Dave Rat's work. For me, the Subs placement and configurations topic was the most useful aspect. I'm so glad to meet Dave at the seminar. For sure if I have a chance to attend another one, I would like to be there.

- Gerard Mora, Production Engineer Orlando, Florida

I thought the subwoofer predictions with double 18 boxes in MAPP were super interesting. I also enjoyed all of the discussion on phase and polarity. I especially enjoyed the part on how the resonance of the human body relates to the microphone and in-ears.

I would have gladly paid much more, and it's inspired me to watch a lot more of Dave's youtube videos and soak up his knowledge.

- Joel LeGros, Lead Audio Engineer Summit Church

The Raleigh seminar was amazing! I learned a lot and got new ideas. All topics were useful and interesting, the MAPP predictions were very enlightening! All topics were clear. Thanks! love the rat stickers!

- Carlos Arellano

Thank you for helping to organize the seminar yesterday with Dave. It was a great training and I definitely learned a lot from Dave's teaching. The refresher on polarity and ways to use polarity to reduce stage volume were very insightful; many of those concepts are easy to apply and will really improve my mixes. His analysis of subwoofer arrays and placement was the only comprehensive teaching I have ever seen on live sound low frequency management. While my system is not as complex as Dave's, there are multiple practical applications, like sub aux's, that can apply to almost any system. If there were other seminars on different topics offered in this area, I would be interested in attending. Feel free to use any of my comments on your website. Thanks again! Take Care,

- Matthew Everson, Everson Audio Productions

My overall impression of all the material is very good. Dave did a good job of mixing things up to cover the disparate interests and skill sets of the group. The fact that Rat Sound is not a business model built around getting you to attend more seminars lends real credibility. The laser mic pattern simulator is pretty cool, and gives a great visual representation of mic attitude (orientation) vs. rejection.

The endfire + arc array config looks like it would be quite useful at a few festivals I do. The Orgasmatron array concept is fairly straightforward and cool. I’d only ever seen some photos of it which, on first glance, just looks like a pile of boxes in a twisted heap. It was cool to see it actually is a valid option on the list of compromises we make for coverage. It was great to get out of the office for a day and get some fresh and perspective on things. Thanks for taking the time, on a show day. Keep on keeping on.

- Hayden J. Nebus

I think the subwoofer arrays were probably the most useful, and the microphone polarity was also interesting. Didn't have any topics that really needed more clarification. Will definitely implement the sub arrays when the opportunity arises. I would definitely attend another seminar.

-James Burke, Audio Engineer PRG Audio